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Mobile Music Program for Youth in Remote Areas

and then, in spring…

And so, it should be added that in-between Wipeout! and the Midnight Carnivale, Shon & Svet were literally roped into the live fantasy 1950s country & western postcard that was Fake Fires, Marshmallows & Horse Stories, a special event in the High Moon Saloon program of the Alice Desert Festival where we (& a posse of cowgirls; Rose, Sabrina & Ruth) spit-polished our boots, tweaked some moustache and saddled up our ukes and geetars for some sweet harmonizing of some classic cowboy/girl campfire songs that had the whole saloon singing along to! Yippiyi-yo!cowgirls 2

In the wake of the desert festival, instead of having a hard-earned rest, Shon & Svet, along with Eddie, their soulful, operatic-guitaristic compatriot in Alice muse-seeking, who, amongst the surge of activity associated with the Desert Festival, also hatched a band by the name of The Transients which performed their premiere gig at the festival club with a less than satisfying effect, decided to go an extra mile!

the transients

Being a night of post-cabaret, post-festivalia and phenomena-of-worst-consistent-sound-mixing-at-a-festival, The Transients debut gig suffered a difficult birth due to unimaginable technical hitches on the night! The ensuing feeling of despair could only be remedied with an encore performance off our own bat, a week later, which, along with 11-hands, Shon’s Alice afro-trance drum ensemble and DJ Sveti-Boom-Boom! played for a dedicated crowd at The Lane. We all got to have our ‘day in the sun’ even though it was unseasonably cold that night on the Lane’s rooftop. Nonetheless, people were absorbed with The Transients’ tuneful appeal and the beats and crazy-gyspy-electro tunes warmed the bones of the crowd-folk, offering a perfect panacea and a fitting book-end to our Alice activities for a wee while!

dance moves

School holidays were around the corner once again, and Ba-Boom! zipped off to the communities of Fregon and Iwantja, in the southern ‘Pit’ lands for a couple of weeks. A whole range of activities were enjoyed by youth of all ages including keyboard, ukelele, drum and dance workshops, animation projects, recording, cooking, hygiene and beauty workshops. Each week was topped off with a rousing disco event where we featured films we made in the community that week, put on a big barbie and let the kids go crazy to the music and projections!

teaching keys

Following the end of that assignment, Ba-Boom! were invited to participate in Mobfest ’09, a inter-remote school festival held over 3 days at Ti-Tree school. Through a variety of exciting daily workshops, indigenous kids’ skills were expanded, encouraged and then showcased in concert form in the evenings. Fortunately, the kids from Ikuntji were invited not only participate, but especially to perform a couple more times in front of the scores of gathered school kids. They were excellent role models, performing their drum-story with pride and confidence! Ba-Boom! ran four workshops a day with all of the students from the 6 participating schools as well as co-facilitating a ‘super drum group’ which involved at least 60 kids and a lot of drums and percussion. Arranging for and conducting this ensemble was challenging but fun once we got going, and the piece we created was diverse, engaging and had an absolutely thunderous groove!




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