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gone fishing! alpurrurulum




For six weeks over November and December, Ba-Boom! were delighted to be situated out at Lake Nash in Arlpurrurulam community, east of The Barkly and very close to the QLD border.


The local culture out at Arlpurrurulam is enriched by it’s situation close to the flowing Georgina River and in the increasingly hot pre-monsoonal days, the kids would love to go swimming and fishing. Cooking up fresh fish & chips by the riverside with the young women and elders was a real treat and novelty for us and we would also play music and games on our excursions out there.  


We were alerted to the danger for dogs down at the river early on when our little Mieka swallowed a scrap of rotten meat which happened to have a fish-hook embedded in it prompting us on an emergency dash to the vet in Mt. Isa. Fortunately it eventually passed through without any complications, which was a terrific relief for us and quite a miracle!


We had the pleasure of working with a enthusiastic team of local youth workers and very supportive community service providers. Our featured art projects included painting two large calico banners. One was a beautiful mandala which many kids helped to create over the weeks and the other we all decided would be a community unity message “I am more than just me, I am my community”. We also started an animation story and decorated the Shire offices with lots of xmas decorations.


It was the time of year when the store put on it’s annual xmas party featuring Santa and xmas present giving, an interstate country band, a big community feast of roasted meats, salads, drinks, fresh fruit, cake and ice cream to boot! We hosted a big long evening of crazy games on the basketball court opposite the shop: pinata smashing (which we made and decorated together and filled with lollies), sack races, three-legged races, tunnel ball and the ever popular busta-balloon. A great time was had by all! 


We gave drumming & rhythm classes to all the students of Arpurrurulam School regularly over the six weeks which was most enjoyed, being a new experience for all. Other regular activities included basketball competitions, bingo night, cooking, disco and movie nights. The kids at Arpurrurulam also enjoyed skate-boarding and the older boys and young men had a blast playing on the new band instruments and equipment, rehearsing their music for concert nights.







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