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The first ever tour of The Ltyentye Apurte Drummers!


The first ever tour for The Ltyentye Apurte Drummers is almost underway after being uncertain for some time as to where the funding would come from to make this vision a reality.

So, it seems, it is possible ~ & dreams really do come true!

Hard work, committed training, good choices and some moving performances have all contributed to this tour coming to life. These young musicians are bursting with excitement as all of the many details in the planning for the journey come together.

Not only are we working hard at making our music exciting and precise by rehearsing every day, there is a big team from the school staff behind the scenes co-ordinating the logistics for 17 kids and 7 adults to travel overland over 3000km together for 13 days.

The Ltyentye Apurte Drummers will perform 9 shows in 4 towns: Tennant Creek, Mataranka, Katherine and Darwin. Along the way we will sleep in swags, camp in school halls and under the stars. We will carry with us a camp kitchen to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner on most days. Posters, signage for the tour bus, touring outfits (shirts with identifying logos), venues, media, risk management and much much more are all a part of our combined preparation for this mega-journey into rhythm!

By demonstrating their musical skills with such enthusiasm and joy, The Ltyentye Apurte Drummers have impressed the following organisations so much that they were moved to donate substantial sums of money in support of the proposed tour. We’d like to acknowledge and deeply thank the significant contributions and support from the following organisations : CAYLUS (for the new performing shirts and wonderful monetary donation),  the Australian Government Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs, the Atyenhenje-Atherre Aboriginal Corporation, the Chief Minister for Labour NT, St. Vincent de Paulthe Rotary Club of Melbourne, among many other offers of financial support from affiliated groups and individuals associated with the community of Santa Teresa.

A great big thank you for your support and belief in the growing success of The Ltyentye Apurte Drummers!

Have a look at many beautiful images from the tour on our FACEBOOK page here:


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School Holiday Music School


We very much enjoyed having the opportunity to prepare for our upcoming tour to Darwin by running a holiday program for the first time in Santa Teresa.

The school generously offered us a classroom to run our Ba-Boom! Holiday Music School. We set up the drums , other new and exciting instruments and a creative corner (offering colouring in, word searches and grid drawings) for the younger kids to remain engaged while we practiced the tried and true rhythms and learnt two new pieces with the older students. 

This was a great way to consolidate what the kids have learnt so far and an opportunity for those kids who haven’t had much of  a chance to play recently to get back into the groove and have a go at learning new patterns and beats. During this process we identified several younger students who displayed very promising aptitude for all of  the skills necessary to play and perform in a rhythm ensemble in the future. 

To maintain the students engagement with the school by offering three focused sessions every day proved to be very successful. We have noticed that the students’ ability to remain focused has improved enormously, with many kids staying for the full 2.5 hr sessions and some returning for every session during a day.

In addition to the classroom activities we also offered our usual holiday program activities: structured games, skills development, obstacle courses, bingo (fundraising for the tour!) lunch and oranges every day and some fun and interesting films from other indigenous communities. 

Attendance on the first day back at school was around 90%. We consider this to be a fantastic and desired outcome for a school holiday program! 


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