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Mobile Music Program for Youth in Remote Areas

GeNeraTe – Youth Arts Showcase, Alice Desert Festival 2010


The aim of our second visit to Santa Teresa was to train up a specific drumming group and develop a performance piece to be featured in the youth arts showcase, ‘Generate’, which is the opening event of the Alice Springs Desert Festival 2010.

In the space of one week, we got a band of 12 boys and girls up and ready for their debut performance on the big festival stage experience! The Ltyente Apurte Drummers performed with excellence and radiated like stars in front of an adoring crowd of two thousand people who attended the festival opening night.

Due to their success last year, the Ikuntji Drummers were invited for a return performance at the same event this year. With only a week to prepare, all of the kids drummed with us at school and after school everyday, resulting in a performing group that was double in size to last year. These kids were most enthusiastic and excitable with the experienced few exuding a sense of knowing and confidence. We watched these Ikuntji Drummers shine before the same adoring crowds.

Our rhythm program was well supported by the Ikuntji School and the MacDonnell Shire. Without their support these kids would not have been able to accept the honourable invitation of an encore performance, so we sincerely thank the principals and the Shire for getting behind us to help make this happen.

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