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Mobile Music Program for Youth in Remote Areas

Docker River 2015



Ba-Boom! were thrilled to be sent by the NPY Womens Council to Docker River (Kaltukutjara) for the third time in the past twelve months to deliver another exciting school holiday program.

Upon arriving in Kaltukutjara, we were warmly greeted with big smiles, nods of acknowledgement and happy dances, which made our hearts swell.

Our visit (for a whole month) enabled us to stretch out into longer-term projects as well as establish routine activities and weekly community events. These activities included rhythm classes in Nyangatjatjara College (as senior students were still in term), supporting the newly formed youth council with a T-shirt screen-printing project, large banner painting projects, kungka cooking and kungka music (for the young women), wati music and recording (for the young men), sports training and regular drumming sessions for all youth out in the wider community.

kungka music2


As it was July, our visit coincided with NAIDOC week so we garnered the support of Kaltukatjara elders to explore this years’ theme of Sacred Ground; inviting their input into the creation of a sacred ground message banner and encouraging them to come share stories and tjukurrpa at the NAIDOC barbecue which we hosted and co-ordinated with other local service providers. The intent, the artwork and the celebration were appreciated by the whole community.

In Docker River we are honoured to be working alongside Anangu youth worker, Miriam Kennedy. Miriam, delightfully amiable in community and beyond, assists us to engage as many young people as possible in our activities. We support her to co-facilitate these activities with us. We make an awesome team!

Exif_JPEG_PICTUREOur weekly cook-up and bingo fund-raising activity is always popular with youth and their families all gathering to play for a great range of prizes while enjoying delicious, hot dinners, prepared earlier by the kungkas in our cooking and beauty club. The kungkas later rock up to bingo with new hair make-overs. We raised a thousand dollars over the month to put straight back into the youth program.


The NPY Womens’ Council will be sending Ba-Boom! back to Docker River and Wingellina for the spring holidays to continue building capacity, connection and joy.

Stay tuned, as exciting things are ahead for Ba-Boom! including a new rhythm program for the Elcho Island School and a public fund-raising campaign called Million X Ten.


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