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Youth Student Testimonials 2013

We were delighted to receive this beautifully articulated letter of thanks from one of the Marree Drummers after parting ways, following their successful big stage debut at Blak Nite Youth Arts Festival 2013 in Adelaide :

  • Heellllooo, Shon & Svet !
  • ii forgot to say thank you.
  • So iii thank yous very very much ! for giving all of us the opportunity to learn to play drums and taking us to Blak nite. Yous are the best! Personally yous tought me to be more confident in myself and to get rid of all the shame job feeling. Also yous both inspired me so much that ii have a feeling to believe in myself even more by the talks we had iin Marree and iin Adelaide. I listened really carefully on what yous both were telling us all and by that, it motivated me to believe iin myself to play but also to believe that I can do anything in life as an Indigenous person. By your beliefs in us and encouragments you gave, it made each of us strong, independently.
  • It was a really fun experience for me and im really sure that it was also fun for the rest of the Marree mob
  • I just like to thank yous deeply, and hope yous will share more of you love, kindness and teachings to other kids aswell
  • Love from Leticia Dorizzie

And here is Letitia with the Marree Drummers making their stage debut at the recent Blak Nite Indigenous Youth Arts Festival 2013!