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Mobile Music Program for Youth in Remote Areas

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The transformational impact of programs addressing intergenerational trauma is dependent on sustained, committed funding. Current funding of these important social programs is subject to frequent political change, resulting in profound instability in Indigenous communities.

We propose to invite a million Australians and or international citizens to help us to initiate autonomy from government funding to address this very serious issue over a sustained period of time. The offering of $10 for 10 years (a glass of wine at a bar!) by a million people would help fund many targeted, trauma-informed programs. Through accessing long term and current relationships with remote Indigenous communities and thorough cultural consultancy with elders and youth alike, we propose to employ and train facilitators (both Indigenous and non-Indigenous), to engage young Indigenous people in a variety of well structured and targeted activities supporting them to live vibrantly and confidently on their ancestral lands, connected to their families and historical culture.

Funding support by a collective of concerned and informed individuals would mobilise professional co-ordinators and facilitators of music, rhythm, art, sport, nutrition, dance, narrative therapy, sexual and mental health and life skills programs. It will purchase transport (4WD buses), trailers, instruments, equipment (recording, multi-media, camping, art), food, cooking equipment, clothing, tools, satellite phones, first aid equipment, fuel. It would assist and support elders to create safe spaces by taking youth and their families out of communities and back onto ancestral lands (“out to Country”), for the focused teaching of Law and Culture and the wise teachings and story telling from Elders. It would also assist with tours both state and interstate, as an opportunity for these talented youth to be seen, affirmed and acknowledged for their skills.

Above all, collective funding would assist in building the capacity, empowerment, mental and physical health and wellbeing, self determination, self esteem, a sense of belonging, and feelings of worth and validation for Indigenous youth in Australia.

Next year we will launch a fundraising campaign. We have begun inviting a well informed and passionate team of individuals to assist us in designing and delivering such an ambitious campaign and program. In the meantime, please share the invitation to contribute, and if you feel inclined, make a donation below.

Thankyou ~

Shon and Svet

Mail orders and cheques for Ba-Boom! are gratefully received at PO Box 33, Leigh Creek, South Australia, 5731